Web site design sure has come a long way. Back in the old days all web sites were optimized for viewing on traditional computer screens. Then one day the web showed up on tablets and smartphones, and everything changed. Today, people who visit your web site expect it to work perfectly for them, regardless of the device that they’re browsing with. The ability of a web site to adjust itself to the user’s device type and size is called Responsive Design.

If your current web site isn’t responsive, it’s a safe bet that your visitors aren’t terribly impressed – pinching and scrolling in an attempt to access content just isn’t cool anymore. Having a responsive web site is important, and you could certainly spend tens of thousands having one custom built for you from scratch. That’s great if you’ve got money to burn. At 30K Networks, our web site design philosophy is a little different so read on to find out how.

We Only Build WordPress Web Sites

WordPress has revolutionized the web to a point where just about 25% of all web sites worldwide now run on this platform. Originally developed for “bloggers”, WordPress made it so easy to manage and maintain a web site that it quickly came into use as a full-blown web site management tool. When we build web sites, WordPress is always the back-end – the spot where you log on, add or change pages, edit text, and so on. Once your site is up and running it’s easy for you to change content as you want. If you’d rather not, it’s easy for us to change it for you! If anyone tries to tell you that WordPress is not “safe” due to it being a free, open-source tool, you have our permission to tell them that we said they really, truly don’t know what they’re talking about.

Are there alternatives to using WordPress? Absolutely. Just note that none of them power more than 3% of web sites by comparison.

We Customize Great Themes to Ensure a Professional Look and Feel

We don’t even bother trying to design web sites from scratch any more. It’s simply not worthwhile, nor cost-effective. There are literally thousands of quality pre-built designs available for purchase online that can easily be modified and customized to meet the needs of any business or organization. We start by exploring web sites you like, and features you need. Then we begin to explore existing templates that may fit the bill, and work out the scope and cost of the project. When building a traditional web site, “design” has always represented a huge portion of the time and energy involved, and by extension, the cost.

Our method still takes time and effort, but we’re never starting from scratch on the design end. And that’s how we’re able to build great business web sites for less.

We Design with Accessibility in Mind

Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) completely changes the web landscape for businesses. Small businesses (under 50 employees) are still largely exempt from having to create accessible web sites, but given that approximately 17% of Ontarians are impacted by a disability, it simply makes sense to design with accessibility in mind. Thankfully there are simple and effective techniques that can be used to make any web site more accessible without any great cost or effort. We incorporate accessibility best practices into every web site we design as part of our process. Have questions? Just ask!