When it comes to networks, we mean business. With over 20 years experience designing, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting networks, there isn’t very much that Dan hasn’t seen or done. Network solutions are the core focus at 30K Networks – the stuff that we really love doing! The details below generally reference businesses, but we do all this stuff for homes and cottages too!

Rock-Solid Wired Networks

Your network is the backbone of your business, made up of the core components that keeps your computers, printers, laptops, and handhelds connected to each other and the Internet. We design, supply, install, and configure the routers, switches and cabling required to make a reliable and secure high-speed network a reality. Many people believe that WiFi is the answer to every networking situation. It kinda is, but understand that a proper, wired network always supplies the foundation for really awesome WiFi.

If you’re building or renovating a home, business or cottage, roughing-in a proper wired network is one of the best investments you can make at a minimal incremental cost. We can help you do it right the first time.

Really Awesome WiFi Networks

With the right network components in place, creating a really awesome WiFi network is easy. Unfortunately, most wireless networks are poorly planned and implement low-grade consumer equipment resulting in far less then optimal performance. We build outstanding WiFi networks for businesses, homes, cottages and resorts, understanding that WiFi network users expect seamless connections as they move through spaces – inside and out! We make seamless roaming a reality by using high quality enterprise-grade equipment that actually costs less than what you find at your local bog box store.

Don’t underestimate the value of supplying reliable WiFi Internet to your customers, visitors and guests. We can easily implement different levels of guest Internet access and appropriate security on the WiFi equipment we use without issue.

Need to set up a temporary WiFi network for an indoor or outdoor event? 30K Networks can help with that too!

Point-to-Point Wireless Connections

Have Internet in one building, but need it in another? By using the latest and greatest carrier-grade wireless equipment we can create fast and secure point-to-point wireless links over distances great and small. That said, there’s a lot more to creating solid, fast connections than just pointing antennas off into the distance, and many environmental elements to consider. Even still, virtually anything is possible with the right plan.

We’ve implemented complex point-to-multi point wireless connections to distribute WiFi Internet throughout a resort, and simpler point-to-point connections to ensure the Internet safely reaches the inner sanctum of an outbuilding’s Man Cave. Will trees need to be cut? Possibly. What’s sure is that high-speed point-to-point connections often pay for themselves very quickly, especially in cases where businesses can use them to eliminate the need for Internet connections in different buildings.

Super-Secure Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a networking solution that uses encryption to create secure connections between a device and a network, or between 2 or more networks. VPNs are commonly used to allow a business owner to connect to their business network securely from home, or to allow a business to securely connect different locations together via the Internet.

VPN services are also often used to facilitate private browsing of the Internet. At 30K Networks we can design a VPN solution that will meet your specific business needs, whether you need secure access to your office while away, or a means to ensure that all web browsing for all of your devices is securely encrypted from your home, business or cottage.

Really Handy Remote Desktop Access

One of the most helpful features of today’s operating systems is that they allow you to connect to computers on remote networks as if you are sitting in front of them. So, you’re at home and have the need to access something on a work computer. When combined with a VPN, you can easily create a secure connection to the remote machine and save yourself a trip. You can even print documents from the work machine to your home printer like magic. Let us show you how!