It’s proven by science. Slow computers breed anger and contempt. That’s why at 30K Networks we only build super-fast computers for really cool people. If your existing computer is slow, we may be able to fix it. When you’re ready to start looking into a new computer or laptop, read on to find out how 30K Networks can help.

We Can Build You a Really Fast New PC

You tell us how you use your computer, what’s important to you, and your rough budget for a quality desktop PC or laptop. Assuming your budget is in line with your performance expectations, we’ll provide you with a quote and details on how long your order will take. We do not stock parts – all of our systems are built on-demand. Your system will always include all of the parts necessary to make it truly perform and last – a high-quality case, a rock-solid motherboard, a workhorse processor, plenty of memory and of course a blazing-fast solid state hard drive.

We also have a more budget-friendly PC that we build for seniors and more casual users – those who mainly use their computers to play solitaire, surf the web, use Facebook, and communicate with friends and family. We don’t use low-grade hardware for these systems, so we have to be a little more creative about finding components at great prices. These systems sometimes take a little longer to build as a result.

We do our best to provide our customers with great computers at reasonable prices. If you find a better deal elsewhere, by all means pursue it.

We Can Help You Find a Great Used Computer or Laptop

We have the ability to acquire top-quality off-lease desktops and laptops at great prices. In many cases these machines are built better than the budget systems you’ll find at your local retailer today. If you understand the risks and rewards associated with buying a used anything, we can probably help you find what you need.

Just Advice? We Can Help!

Sometimes all you need is a little help or advice to get you pointed in the right direction, and that’s why we offer our handy half-hour computer consultation service. For just $40 we’ll sit down with you and help you understand your hardware and software choices. Why? Because maybe what you really need is a Macbook or a Chromebook. We¬† don’t sell them, but we can definitely help to ensure that you order one that meets your needs. Or, maybe you’re looking at a second-hand system and want an opinion on whether it’s a good deal. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little for advice up front than paying a lot more after making the wrong choices. Plus, if your consult ends with you buying one of our new computers, we’ll refund the $40 on your order!