30K Networks is a small technology company based in Parry Sound, Ontario. Founded by award-winning networking expert Dan DiNicolo, 30K Networks is focused on providing exceptional technology design, implementation and support services to organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout Ontario’s cottage country. Lots of things make us different, but one of the more interesting is that our office is located in a cool Art Gallery, Studio and Dress Shop at 18 James St in downtown Parry Sound.

So what exactly does 30K Networks do?

We Build Really Great Networks.

We build rock-solid wired and wireless networks with an emphasis on speed, reliability, and security. From small networks optimized for streaming voice and video to large WiFi networks that distribute reliable, fast Internet throughout a marina, campground, cottage or resort, 30K Networks can get it done. If someone else installed your network and it’s sluggish or slow, we can make it right. We don’t mean to brag, but we’re kinda experts at this stuff. Check out our Networks page for more details on specific services we offer.

We Design Cost-Effective, Responsive Web Sites.

You could easily spend tens of thousands developing a new web site for your business. You could also invest your life savings trying to reinvent the wheel. We suggest neither. Smart business owners today are moving to template-driven web sites created on proven web authoring platforms like WordPress. We build cost-effective WordPress web sites, usually at a fraction of the price of other options. All of our sites are responsive and mobile device-friendly, and integrate easily with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out our Web Sites page for more details on the web site design services we can provide.

We Build Super-Fast Computers.

A good computer built with quality hardware will boot up in seconds, run like a rocket and last a long, long time. At 30K Networks, that’s the only type of computer we build, and we only build to order. From high performance systems to exactly-what-you-need computers tailored to seniors, we can produce a great quality build at a reasonable price. Tastes and budget a little more pre-loved? We sell top-quality second-hand systems as well. Check our Computers & Laptops page for more details on the hardware and related services we offer.

We Keep Systems Up and Running.

By proactively maintaining the systems that your business runs on, issues can usual be dealt with long before they become real, costly problems. At 30K Networks we offer a variety of support and maintenance services to businesses who need to keep things moving fast and securely. Investing as little as 2 hours per month into keeping all your systems properly backed up, tuned up and secured pays for itself in terms of increased efficiency and effectiveness in the long run. When critical incidents do occur we also offer on-site emergency service. Check out the Computer Maintenance, Repair & Support page for more details.

First, We Listen.

When you’re just not sure where to start, call 30K Networks and we’ll arrange to sit down for a chat. We offer free consultations for small businesses, so just ask! We’ll listen to your ideas, challenges and concerns, and then work with you to try to chart a course that works for your business. See our Technology Design, Consultation & Training Services page for more information.